Just Say "Know" to Judaism!
Considerations in Kindness for Contemporary and Everyday Living
a Weiss Family Partners in Torah Program

Lunch 'n Learn at the JCC

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This weekly series explores the relevant texts in Judaism that provide guidance for becoming a better person in an entertaining, informative and meaningful manner.
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                                                              New Guest Lecturer Series!
Rabbi Tzvi Muller will be joined by
Rabbi Leiby Burnham, Rabbi David Fohrman, and Rabbi Shragie Myers
 in the upcoming Just Say "Know" to Judaism Lunch & Learn Series.







Kindness Project

After studying Judaism’s enlightening guidelines for interpersonal values, many students of Just Say “Know”  wished to put their new-found understanding of kindness into action. Out of this desire came The Kindness Project, a joint effort between Partners In Torah and the JCC to bring these values to life in a cultural, hands-on perspective. The Kindness Project is about permeating our lives with the wisdoms and practices of kindness in Jewish tradition. Innovative kindness programs, intended to engage the entire community, are a special feature of this project. This project is in its initial stages.

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